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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013



What you are about to read is an actual letter in  which the author of "loveabbw" wrote to a man after She stood him up! The name only has been deleted.
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     Before I present the happening to you, I deeply apologize for not keeping my word...It was selfish, despicable, and down right rude, and for the first time in a long time, I actually felt deeply remorseful about what I did to a Man. 

     You see I have been on the receiving end of that so many times before and could never imagine what was going on in that man's head for him to STAND ME UP! I  could not grasp my thoughts around why a man would be so careless to a woman.
The Planned Date:
     I would be overwhelmed with excitement, I trusted that person to keep their word to me, and they disappointed  me fully... "He's never showing up!" and my Heart would profusely weep for my shattered soul soul..we would cry together in the darkness, eating the slowly the  lovingly prepared feast, blowing out the candle removing the sexy gown , and taking off the six inch heels. 
Together  we starred at the phone ( my weeping heart and shattered soul)  and we begged for it to ring with I'm on the Way or I am very Sorry. Many times that call would never come and we would falls asleep and tomorrow would be another day embarrassed...

     I have only heard the sound of my voice calling them asking why... I heard that in your voice, and I was moved. Not to switch things up but, your phone call at 8:30 pm in which you expressed your disappointment, released me from bondage.
I was no longer trapped by that hurt, because for the first time in my life , I knew what it felt like to have that control and choice as well as I felt how I felt, in you. I am relieved, released, and refreshed. My Heart felt as if she had been wiped free of her tears and My souls was sealed forever.

     As to what events lead to my not showing up, I will divulge them to you face to face, WOMAN TO MAN, Over Dinner,Drinks(for me) an Destiny. I am available Tuesday Evening at 19:00. I will meet you in a miniskirt under the fig tree, just past the Burning Bush around the corner from Paradise's Edge.

Call me Lover,

Monday, April 22, 2013

I tried to be nice...

I tried to be nice but No-One Cared,
     This blog is dedicated to everyone who trys their best to be cooperative, considerate, and cordial to the USERS, ABUSERS, and Sorry Human Beings that are in Their Lives. So To begin this is our first posting so that you know exactly what to expect from this blog.


     Today a young White Woman who has no children, who has always lived under her parents house, who just got employed after fucking off for 5 years, sent a text message telling MyDaughter that she does not belong where we are. Are you Fucking Serious? and has the Nerves to tell the Black Man who is a mutual friend of her and my daughter ( TheHouSE NIGGA)  that he should have never left to go to the city. Now because I have cooled off a bit, I wont drive down the highway and Drag this Bitch! but one day I wont be as cool!

     Here is my point, The source of the Fall of The Black Man is his attraction to The White Woman. He listens to what she says as she destroys everyone around her.
 Keep in mind that does not mean them all. Because some of them feel guilty for what their ancestors did and they are Always the ones who can count out how many Black friends they have.
 This Heifer is Over her Boundaries. But The masses always tell us to calm down.